Lyrics - "Let's Begin"


1. Capsize

Have you ever wanted something so bad,
You found ways to distract yourself
from finding it?
It’s waiting in the place that you are,
Not the places you’ve been,
Now’s the time to start again,


You were farther along
Than you thought the first time,
Put down your bags and ease your load,
No need to capsize,
Before your heart can break
The stars will make you new,
Just trust yourself,
It’s all you have to do,

I know you’ve got a hole in your heart,
And you’ve been filling it up
With things that make it bigger,
So if it feels like you’ve been gone for too long,
You’re probably right, 
But tonight you can come back home,


2. Never a Mistake

I was once a lonely soul,
Caught between two stepping stones,
Couldn’t find a reason
To step on out and leave my cocoon,

Lost inside a sea of blue,
Repeatable faces filled my view,
I was on my way to leaving
And half way out the door when I found you,

What you think
Is really so simple,
And what you dream
Isn’t really so hard,
You’re the one I need,
I’d change all my plans
If I ever really had them, it’s true,

It was never a mistake,
Every heartache,
It was just the way it had to be
To get to you and me, oh,
You and me together.

Well maybe it took a year or two,
For me to find myself
But you helped me through it,
I was looking for the answers
By asking the wrong questions
Until you helped me find something true,

You showed me that what I think,
Is really so simple
And what I dream,
Isn’t really so hard,
You’re the one I need,
I’d change all my plans
If I ever really had them it’s true,


What you think
Is really so simple,
And what you dream
Isn’t really so hard,
You’re the one I need,
I’d change all my plans
If I ever really had them, it’s true,

(Chorus) x2

3. Take What You Need

Oh whatever you know,
Well you know it for a moment,
We throw these sticks and stones,
And then we wonder why we’re broken,
So please help me,
Help me find the truth
Between my dreams and things that lead me to trouble.

When will I decide
To turn a light on in this darkness
And realize I define the things
That I have the strength to do,

Yes I know where I go,
Because I know where I’ve been,
I’ve been intent on losing
All the things I’m choosing
In a game I cannot win,
It don’t matter what you do,
And it don’t matter what you say,
I’ll find a way to do it
If you want to, prove it
Or the story stays the same,
Don’t say what you want,
Take what you need.

If I decide to dance around
A simple fact that is my nature,
Then I deserve to hit the ground,
No point in saving it for later,
So please help me,
Help me find the truth between my dreams and things that leave me to trouble,

When will I decide
To turn a light on this darkness
And do the things I say I want to do,

(Chorus) x2

4. Inukshuk

Oh, where will I go?
Who have I been?
And what have I become?

On these broken roads,
They’re takin’ me in,
They’ve got me on the run,

They say the devil’s in the details,
I think he’s really in the tall tales,
It’s all the little things that show us
That we’re right where we belong,

Oh, wherever I go,
The signs they consistently show,
I need you here, I need you here, I need you here,
Life can throw its sticks and its stones,
But you and I will find new ways to grow,
To find a road,
That leads us back,
That brings us home,

Oh these days,
Everybody’s dazed,
Everybody’s glazed
Because they’re digging for gold,
Oh and on everybody’s face,
Is a look of disgrace
When they don’t know where to go,

Sometimes a leap is just a switchback,
Sometimes I’m all alone and can’t connect,
That’s when we dig a little deeper,
Until the way ahead well it becomes
So much clearer,


It’s like holding two flags
On Canada Day,
It’s like waiting it out
Until we're feeling okay,
Oh it’s like finding a note
At the start of a day
That tells me all the things that we could be,
If the devil’s in the details then so are we,


5. Look Back On

This is what I’m going to look back on,
You and me are young
But we won’t be for long,
We try as we might
But we give it away,
Time’s not waiting for us to deliberate,
This is what I’m going to look back on,


So let’s begin,
And let’s never stop
Believing in,
This life we have,
Please don’t give up that spirit, yeah,
Never let it go.

Now is the only moment that I’ll have,
I watch as these things I love
Fade into the past,
Like my grandma’s laugh,
Like my mom and dad,
Like my wife’s young eyes
And that feeling of surprise
Oh this, Is what I’m going to look back on,


Time can never erase
That look in your eyes,
Even as I forget details that were part of my life,
An imprint stays,
Like a warm embrace,
Like a knowing smile
And a hope that runs for miles
Oh this, is what I’m going to look back on,


6. And Then the Tears

Don’t want to run from everything,
The words we say, the songs we sing,
It’s harder now with every breath,
To know just how much love that I really have left,

And then the tears,
Fall from my eyes,
And I’m reminded of
What always was inside,
But it’s hard to show,
The love I have,
When it gets wrapped up with fear
I can’t control,
Keeps building up
Now do you even know?

And we both have our struggles too,
It makes it hard to say I do,
‘Cause no one wants to be exposed,
The feelings I have kept inside wear their own clothes,

….Do you even know….
How much I love you.

But sometimes it gets hard,
To simply disregard
the thoughts I kept inside for too long,
Tearing my apart,


7. Airplane Mode

Floating back down,
I search for myself,
Flying away like I do,
Each time that I leave,
I think it’s for good
But I keep coming back to
my old neighborhood,
Yes I keep falling back to the ground.

Cold and composed,
I step through machines,
And strangers can see what’s inside,
I take out my heart,
Put it in the tray
But it won’t be allowed at the gate,
And I have to leave anyway.

I can’t go back,
I’m losing track,
Of places I wanted to go,
We’re taking off,
Can’t feel my soul,
Maybe I left it in airplane mode.

Once I arrive,
I fall to the bed,
Recapping the empty things I said,
The person I am,
has subtly changed
and the spark that I feel’s not the same,
And you can’t take a flame on a plane.


They say just sit back
and relax and enjoy
But I still can’t let go
of these dreams that I have,
They float away,
for someone else to catch.


8. Hotel Radio

The hotel radio
Sings sad, sad songs for me tonight,
Makes me feel so lonely
As I look out on my plastic covered life…

People look but they don’t see,
It’s squeezing all the love right out of me…

And it’s getting louder…

What’s gold is gone
But I’m not really satisfied, oh,
I’m hanging on for life,
But I’m at the end of the line, oh,
This life we lead
It’s sad, it’s sweet, it’s what we know,
And while the radio
It plays a song
That we already know,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, through the hotel radio.

I throw myself to the future
But I keep losing track of where I am,
The sad song’s getting louder
And I can’t quite remember where I stand,

All this time we were going nowhere
And all this time we were wearing out our stay,
The hotel’s turning the rooms,
And it’s time to pack up all the things we never say,

And I’m fading out now…


Sometimes I wonder who I am,
Sometimes I wonder where I stand,
Oh it’s our destiny, baby,
To give it all up,
Give it all up,


9. Around the Corner

I think that karma is a selfish man’s game,
It’s not for you, it’s just for me, it’s just the same,
I don’t want to say I love, I just wanna hear my name,
I think karma is a selfish man’s game,

We all hold on to something,
Don’t want to turn into nothing,
Around the corner you’ll see,
Nothing’s what we’re meant to be,
Just blowing away through the trees,

They say the soul is just a stranger you don’t know,
So you trade it in for riches, cars, and clothes,
And those things become your armor as you move on down the road,
While the soul just stays a stranger, standing out there in the cold,


Well it’s the best I can hope for you see,
To be a square in a bigger tapestry,
And I hate to burst your bubble,
There won’t be no victory,
Just some squares in a bigger tapestry,


10. Best I Can

Some people search their whole lives
And never find it,
So who am I to be with you?
Sometimes I need reminded,
Tell me something that seems true,
I’ll get behind it,

Even when I feel scared,


I’m gonna love you always,
I’m gonna love you the best I can, yeah,
I’m gonna love you always,
You make me much bigger than what I am, yeah,
I’m gonna love you always,
I’m gonna love you the best I can tonight,

I searched for you through all my tears,
Couldn’t seem to find you,
Filled notebooks up with songs and poems,
Before I knew what was true,
But that’s all part of seeing who I am,
That’s all part of seeing past my plans,
Oh I’m gonna keep doing what I can,

Nothing more, nothing less,


I used to think,
People were holding me down
And so all I was good for was,
Messing around,
Always hiding from the truth
and the things that could make me whole,
Now, I finally see
that the past has no claim on the future,
And so I can be
the kind of man that I want
and the lover that you deserve,

Nothing more, nothing less,

I’m gonna love you, ooo,
I’m gonna love you, oh,


11. Only Moment

I remember standing on the dance floor,
When I was only 16 years old,
Wishing I could speed up the clock,
And get out,
And run away from all these people
In a town I loathed,

Well I learned in those early days,
That time could be on your side,
‘Cause if you never want things to stay the same,
Well you’re the only one who always ends up right,
Because everybody’s changing’
Whether you give up or you hold on tight,

What’s good lasts only for a moment,
Only for a moment in time,
And what’s bad can never last forever,
It fades into the ether till you feel just fine,
So hold on to your love,
And let go of your pride
Cause it all lasts for a moment
And this is the only moment in time,

I’m the type of person who worries
About things that never happen, you know,
Sometimes I make love in a hurry,
As if I have a better place to go,

Sometimes I walk around with my head down,
Miss out on all the love that’s around me,
I store it up and save it for later,
Well later’s never come and it never will,
So why do we think that life is a drill?


Love’s holding me close,
Life’s passing me by,
I’m walking alone,
I’m borrowing time,
Love’s holding me close,
Life’s passing me by,
I’m walking alone,


12. Let Myself Begin

I could not stop myself if I tried,
From being who that I really am inside,
It’s the way I was born and raised
And it’s more than just alright,

Sometimes I get caught in one of these traps,
You’ll have to pardon me now because I most go back,
To this garden that I call my own
Oh it’s no one else’s home,

I can’t give something I don’t have,
Oh that’s the way to end up broken,
I can’t smile big and try not to crack,
I’ve got to live out in the open,
I’ve got to stop living someone else’s dream,
I’ve got to let myself begin, 

I try to slow down and feel my heart
But sometimes I can’t
Hit the brakes and just let go of the plan,
Love's not holding on for dear life,
It's running along beside,

(Chorus) 2x