Five years ago today, I gave my senior recital at Xavier University.

For a college voice major, I was somewhat of an oddity. Rather than focus intensely in one area, I was enrolled in voice, piano, guitar and composition lessons (at the same time!) for the last two years of school. When it came time for my senior recital, I wanted to showcase all these areas of study.

So, I was the first voice major at Xavier to meet the classical singing requirement but also perform classical piano repertoire, perform classical guitar and have a choir come up and sing a composition I wrote for them. This recital is still a high point in my life. I spent long hours in the music building finishing my choral piece and learning songs on the piano I really had no business playing. My goals and interests as a musician were truly shaped during this time.

21 year-old Steve stands by a piano and tries not to cry.

21 year-old Steve stands by a piano and tries not to cry.

If you had asked my soon to be 22-year-old self what I wanted to do when I grew up, I could not have told you. All of that musical practice and effort was something I did for its own sake. The one thing I knew I wanted to do was channel all of those diverse musical interests into a full length album. I wanted to create art that I would forever be proud of and prove to myself what I was capable of doing if I worked as hard as I could.

Five years later, I am proud to say that my goal was achieved. In just a few short months, I will release my debut full length album into the world. 

"Why five years?" "Why did it take you so long?" I'm pretending that you are asking me these questions. Even if you aren't, I plan to answer them in due time.

The album is everything I hoped it would be. In the coming weeks, I will share more of my story and describe the strange journey that has led me, in a way, right back to where I was as a 21 year-old dreamer. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll receive updates on my progress and get to preview content first.

Update: My debut album will release on 7/30/16! Here is the first teaser.