It's Reviewsday!

Several fixtures of the Indianapolis music scene were kind enough to listen to my debut album, "Let's Begin," and write a review. I'll post them out on Tuesdays, from here on out known as Reviewsday. Corny, huh?

Patrick Roberts is guitarist and co-band leader of Indianapolis rock Veseria. I have a lot of respect for him as a songwriter and musician, so his opinions meant a lot to me. Here's Pat's review:


Of all the albums that will be released in 2016, I feel no reservation about saying that Steve Boller’s “Let’s Begin” will stand out as one of the most eloquently written. Showing compositional prowess far beyond his years, Boller has channeled the writing styles of mythical icons such as Elton John, Phil Collins and Billy Joel. Flowing between moments of surprising instrumental complexity and precious rhythmic simplicity is a seamless tone and flow. One song leads into the next because it couldn’t possibly go any other way.

To be honest, I don’t know Steve all that well. I’ve always liked the guy and I’ve seen him from time to time around the city (an inevitable part of participating in the Indianapolis music community). I’ve seen him perform his solo sets multiple times and always had a great deal of respect for him as a songwriter so when I was offered a sneak peek at his new album, I had a general idea of what I’d be getting into. I’ve never been more wrong about anything in my life. Boller has composed and recorded a veritable orchestra of instruments to elevate his songs to an entirely new level. Never overshadowing his advanced lyricism, Boller has an expertly mixed and composed record.

From the opening track, “Capsize,” I was speechless. I looked like an idiot staring at my computer screen with my jaw wide open completely oblivious to the drool flooding my keyboard. This is a full length album of unforgettable moments. There’s not a single song or lyric or chord out of place. Perhaps the best example is the pop ballad, “Inukshuk”. Tasteful solos are given their time but upon a second listen, the composition is so much more multifaceted. It’s a simple but elegant pop song that you can’t help but repeat over and over and over...

…And then you realize how stupid you were for not letting the record move on to “Look Back On”. Summoning the percussive drive of Genesis in their prime, I was compelled to call the Disney Corporation and complain that they ever hired Phil Collins to write their soundtrack for the 1999 animated film, “Tarzan”. Linda at the call center was patient but I could tell my complaint fell on deaf ears. She would not give me her home address so I could send her a copy of “Let’s Begin” after its release. Oh well, her loss.

The record’s second act is every bit as impressive as the first with tracks like “Airplane Mode” and “Best I Can” standing out in a crowded field of ready-for- radio singles. But Boller saved the best moment for last with his song, “Let Myself Begin.” An appropriate end to this album because as I took out my head phones and wiped the saliva from my keyboard, I found myself saying to my wife, “Steve Boller has recorded a killer album… and he’s only just begun.”

Go buy this record.

And if you’re reading, Linda, I’m sorry for calling you a ”fascist” and sincerely hope you can give this album a spin.


Have a look at the Veseria website and Facebook page.

...And if you're excited about the album, go reserve your pre-sale bundle! The pre-sale ends June 30th.