#GreenHoliday - 50% of My Holiday Sales Will Go to Help the Planet

#GreenHoliday - 50% of My Holiday Sales Will Go to Help the Planet

We all get to vote every day with our dollars. And the cause that I most want to donate my dollars to right now is expanding support and access to renewable energy. I want to be an advocate in support of initiatives that will help our world lessen the impacts of climate change.

So this holiday season, I'm making it easy for your dollars to help MY dollars! It's called #GreenHoliday.


How #GreenHoliday Works

From now until Christmas Eve (12/24, duh), I will donate 50% of online sales from www.steveboller.com to The Sierra Club Foundation. Here are their goals, as listed on the website:

-Solve the climate crisis primarily through a successful transition to a resource-efficient, clean energy economy that better serves people and nature;
-Secure protections for public lands and waters, promote healthy ecosystems and communities, and fight for clean air and water;
-Expand opportunities for more people to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet by supporting programs and policies that reach across economic, cultural, and community lines to get people outdoors; and
-Build a diverse, inclusive environmental movement that reflects and represents today’s American public, and prioritizes important connections between environmental health and social justice.
— Sierra Club Foundation website

Start Your Own #GreenHoliday

This campaign is my way of broadening the conversation and encouraging others to get involved. If you, like me, have something to sell and have an environmental cause you care about, I encourage you to donate a portion of your sales to an organization that supports your cause. And even if you don't, you can simply donate to The Sierra Club Foundation or The Sierra Club directly. My wife and I will be doing so regardless of #GreenHoliday's outcome!

Shop the Store

Like I said, I'll donate 50% of my sales (not shipping costs, mind you) from all physical items on my website made from now until midnight on Christmas Eve. CD's, posters, shirts, bundles, everything.

Fall Tour (And Life) Recap

Fall Tour (And Life) Recap

Daylight Savings Time started today. I'm sitting on the couch at "8:22 pm" struggling to keep my eyes open. It's been two weeks since I played the last show of the "Let's Begin to Tour, Tour" in Ypsilanti, Michigan. And if I procrastinate this update post again, I'll be lucky to get it done before Thanksgiving.

It's been an absolute whirlwind since I released Let's Begin on July 30th of this year. It was an electric evening for me. I pushed and promoted for months and the end result was a full house for my first full band show in Indianapolis. 

At the Hi-Fi for my album release

At the Hi-Fi for my album release

A lot has happened since then. Let me catch you up.

Life Happened:

Yeah, this was JUST as fun as the album release.

Yeah, this was JUST as fun as the album release.

Life decided to step in and shake things up in August, as my wife and I's new home, our first home, was hit by a really bad windstorm. We lost several trees, our gutters, and electricity for four days. My focus, which had been squarely on my album release all summer, suddenly shifted to getting our life back together.

I opened for Marc Broussard:

Shows like this totally spoil me.

Shows like this totally spoil me.

I left the Hi-Fi on July 30th unsure when my next full band show would be. Little did I know that just a few weeks later I would be on stage with a band once again opening for soul pop artist Marc Broussard. I remember listening to Marc in high school, and it was weird to check another item (open for a well known artist) off my bucket list so quickly after the album release.

Some folks listened to the album:

I had some songs off "Let's Begin" featured on compilations like this.

I had some songs off "Let's Begin" featured on compilations like this.

It's hard to get the world's attention for something as routine as a new musician releasing an album. But I did see some initial successes: the album was featured on Noisetrade.com and peaked at #3 in their singer/songwriter category. That led to some internet and independent radio stations picking it up. And I've been especially grateful to bloggers and playlist curators like FunspearCurved FlowSounds New/Sounds Good and more who have featured various songs and spread them to a wider audience. 

I went on my first 'tour':

This totally unstaged pictured is from Frankie's Blue Room in Naperville, IL (just kidding, it was really staged).

This totally unstaged pictured is from Frankie's Blue Room in Naperville, IL (just kidding, it was really staged).

Okay, so I work full time in a field that is not music. So leaving for weeks at a time to tour is not possible for me right now. BUT I strung together a series of weekend runs with the help of Sparkjoy Music. I played shows in a variety of new cities and states I had never been to:

9/17- Appleton, Wisconsin

9/18- Appleton Wisconsin

9/20- Bloomington, IN

9/28- Fisher, IN

9/30- Naperville, IL

10/1- Nashville, IN

10/7- Greenfield, IN

10/14- Cedar Rapids, IA

10/15- Iowa City, IA

10/21- Ypsilanti, MI

...It was just enough to get my feet wet, hone my live solo set for some new audiences, and get a taste for what its like to be an unknown musician on the road. It's fun, lonely, empowering, maddening, fulfilling and freeing all at the same time.

The coolest part? I'm starting to really find my voice. 

I'm planning what's next:

I have this bad habit of over-committing and being too busy for my own good. Work has me bigger than ever at the moment and I am knocking out some key trips and projects there. But I have some very exciting music news coming in a couple of weeks! I'd say more, but leaving you with this cliffhanger is way more fun.

So thanks following along and reading this. Those of you who have bought an album, shared a kind word or told friends about my new music have helped give me the courage to keep going.


MP Cavalier of The DoitIndy Radio Hour Reviews "Let's Begin"

MP Cavalier of The DoitIndy Radio Hour Reviews "Let's Begin"

MP Cavalier is co-host of the weekly DoItIndy Radio Hour and has become a fixture in the Indianapolis music scene. He has reviewed the releases of several other Indianapolis bands and artists in recent months and I always enjoy reading his take on their music. MP is more of a rock and roll guy, so I am especially pleased with what he noticed and appreciated on the album.


If you’ve seen Steve Boller perform over the last few years, you’ve heard an
introspective singer-songwriter with a clean first tenor and a crisp guitar style whose
songs stand out from the open-mic pack. Boller has now honed those songs into his year-
in-the-making first album “Let’s Begin”. Boller’s debut will set most people’s
expectations on their ears – it is a fully arranged pop record that paints some wide strokes
of neon over his pleasingly pastel songs.

Boller’s compositional abilities have never been in question, but his prowess as an
arranger have never really been given a full airing at his live performances, which have
traditionally been as a solo. So, even a veteran of multiple gigs will be hearing “Let’s
Begin” as an entirely new experience from an artist they only thought they were familiar

From the a capella opener “Capsize” through the arena-ready pop of “Take What You
Need”, Boller’s bigger sound finds him shaking off the stigma of “acoustic guitar guy”.
“I wanted to create music that sounds like the music I like to listen to,” he says. The
album is designed for a new Steve Boller audience. “I wanted to set the bar high for what
my music will be… and set a different expectation for these yet-to- be-reached ears.”

Indeed it isn’t until “Inukshuk” that the more familiar Steve Boller even shows up, with a
simpler, stripped down arrangement much closer to the pub-crawler sound he may be
trying to get away from. On “Look Back On,” as giant choruses are enveloped in layered
vocals, it becomes harder to imagine most of the “Let’s Begin” songs in the bar-
stool format. But there’s a comfort level that Boller and producer Jonathan Class seem to
have established within the arrangements, as if this is how these songs were always
supposed to be. The production team took some chances, as well. Introducing electric
guitars and drums are one thing, but Boller doesn’t stop there. Horns and Hammond
organ abound throughout “Let’s Begin”. 

“And Then The Tears,” and “Never a Mistake” benefit the most from the augmentations.
Already radio friendly pop songs, these two particularly stand-out as Boller’s most fully
realized songs lyrically, but his abilities as a vocalist are what get you paying attention to
those words. Capable of a clear-as-glass falsetto, Boller doesn’t overuse it as a gimmick.
His tricks as a writer and singer are all dispersed economically throughout the record so
that there are eyebrow-raising moments even at the very end.

While the album would stand on its adult-pop laurels alone, Boller’s ballads are really his
strongest suit. “Airplane Mode” is a piano-led torch song that is nearly overwhelmed by
its building string arrangement – but when Boller pulls the song back at the end – it feels
like the victory of a singular artist over multiple externalizations of his art. And that may
be the dichotomy at the heart of this record. It will be interesting to see if Steve Boller
can ever go back to the bar-stool, especially after the pop-grandeur of “Let’s Begin”.


Follow and listen to MP on The DoItIndy Radio Hour. New episodes air Monday evenings at 8 pm ET. I will be on the show next Monday, July 25th!

If you live in or near Indianapolis, grab ticket snow for the album release show, July 30th at the Hi-Fi!

New single "Take What You Need" + Full Album Pre-Order!

New single "Take What You Need" + Full Album Pre-Order!

It's crunch time, people! "Let's Begin" comes out in less than three weeks.

To celebrate, I decided to release another single. It's the most rockin' song I've ever recorded and it's about cutting the crap, getting off the sidelines and taking action. It's basically the pep talk I try to give myself.

The song is called Take What You Need.

#TWYN is streaming on all digital outlets now. It's also available for immediate download when you Preorder "Let's Begin" on iTunes or Bandcamp. I am really excited to be offering the album as a "Mastered for iTunes" title, which means the mastering engineer optimized it for listening on Apple devices when downloaded through iTunes.

Go reserve your digital copy!

For you super cool kids, the album is available for preorder on Bandcamp as well.

Steve Boller Interviewed on "Brother, Brother Beer Cast" Podcast

Steve Boller Interviewed on "Brother, Brother Beer Cast" Podcast

It's been surprisingly fun to participate in interviews about my upcoming album release. I didn't realize that answering thoughtful questions about the songwriting and recording process would be enjoyable -- it actually helps me reflect and reminisce about something I loved to create!

I sat down with Johnny Lyles and Brendan Douglas of Brother, Brother Beer Cast to discuss life, music and of course the new album. I went in not knowing what to expect and left after about an hour of great conversation. These guys ask thoughtful questions and know how to keep things fun and light at the same time.

In the episode, we played a sneak peek of my next single, so listen for that...

But of course I can't share news like this without also mentioning the album release show, happening Saturday, July 30th at The Hi-Fi in Indianapolis. Tickets are going fast!

Ryan M. Brewer Reviews "Let's Begin"

Ryan M. Brewer Reviews "Let's Begin"

I asked a handful of my favorite Indianapolis musicians to review my debut album, "Let's Begin." Here's Ryan M. Brewer's take. Brewer is a household name on the Indy singer/songwriter circuit and (allegedly) a hard-working touring musician. I greatly respect Ryan's songwriting and loved hearing his thoughts on the album.


From the viewpoint of a fan, I can't say enough good about Steve Boller's new record "Let's Begin". From the viewpoint of a singer/songwriter in the Indianapolis usic scene... I find nothing about his record to be the slightest bit relaxing. 

From the audacity of opening the record with an a capella une, to the unbridled optimism that peppers the lyrical narrative, to the sugary-sweet radio-ready goodness that colors every track.. .this record sets the bar pretty high for independent artists everywhere - let alone those in his own scene. It is, however, one that we should all heed... and let me tell you why.  

I've known Steve for a while now and what has always drawn me to him as a musician is his fearlessness. He's never scared to explore a new genre or to entertain a possible new influence... and that fearlessness and that ability to remain untethered by the confines of easy genre classification are all over "Let's Begin". But the aspect of his courage that is most striking is his refusal to be intimidated by happiness. 

This may sound silly to non-songwriters... but a lot of us struggle to write entirely happy songs. Melancholia often appears to be written into our DNA. Steve is different. His lyricism is unabashedly positive and can, at times, read out like a self-help book. One not yet familiar with Boller as a musician might think that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard... or at the very least boring... and the truth is - it might, were the songs not so damn good. His always encouraging, never patronizing glass-half-full spin permeates topics at once universal and personally relatable - not letting difficulties bog down relationships, overcoming self-doubt to make and tackle goals, and fulfilling your calling as a songwriter despite the obstacles that may appear along the way. In my rarely humble opinion, "Let's Begin" should have been self-titled. Because, while it does serve as our introduction to Steve as a full-length record creating artist, it also encompasses everything that Steve Boller is as a guy and as a musician.

I'm over-the-moon to have gotten an early copy of this record in order to write this review and can honestly tell you it's been in a back and forth spin battle with Katie Pederson's "Loose Ends" in my tour car for weeks. 

Fans of good songwriting, high quality musicianship and thoughtful arrangements should obviously give the record a listen... but every musician struggling to maintain the precarious three-way balance of home life - the day job - and a passion to pursue music should give it SEVERAL listens. We're a gloomy, pessimistic bunch and "Let's Begin" is the self-help book we desperately need. 


Have a look at the Ryan M. Brewer's website and Facebook page.

...And if you're excited about the album, go grab tickets to the album release show, June 30th at The Hi-Fi! VIP tickets are running out:



Aaron Nicely of Stampede String Band Reviews "Let's Begin"

Aaron Nicely of Stampede String Band Reviews "Let's Begin"

I asked a handful of my favorite Indianapolis musicians to review my debut album, "Let's Begin." Here's Aaron Nicely of The Stampede String Band's take. I'm a big fan of their modern bluegrass sound and really appreciate how Aaron took the time to notice the great work of producer Jon Class and the other session musicians!


The truth is, I’d never heard Steve Boller’s music. Local music-matchmaker Ben Cannon put him in a thread about reviewing another album, and I started to look him up. I saw a lot of keyboards, a lot of guitars, and the beginnings of what looked like a highly ambitious project. I kept an eye on the work as Steve moved through 24 demo tracks before settling on the dozen that are on his debut album, Let’s Begin. Watching those early demo videos, I wasn’t quite sure what I was seeing. Pop, certainly, some singer/songwriter, and a whole lot of what else I couldn’t be sure.

I’ve had Let’s Begin on repeat for a few weeks now, and here’s what I think: this is damn good album. It’s not anything I would have gravitated towards in the last five years, but there’s so much on here that reminds me of so many musical styles that I love. You can hear anything from barbershop quartet fused with gospel choir to straight up Michael Jackson (and therefore, Toto!), and it’s a never ending run through all these vocal layers and horn sections and three hundred twenty seven different sounding keyboards that you’ll never run out of surprises here.

Boller’s musical pallet here is massive, in part I think due to the production assistance he beams about in the making of promo video going around. Jon Class of Varsity Recording Company in Anderson. An album like this is not an accident. To have so much going on, for it to be so tight, the sound both so wide and deep, takes planning and vision. The two made a fantastic pair, bringing in all the right noise at the right time, and leaving it quite when it needs it. One of my favorite additions Class adds is his own playing. You’ll hear him on the organ that weaves in and out of most of the tracks on “Let’s Begin”, adding depth to an already spacious mix.

The opening a ‘Capella track “Capsize” must have more than 50 overlaid voices making the argument that one must “love your self, it’s all you have to do.” The radio ready “Never A Mistake” takes a pop approach, dropping the pretense in the verses and piling on the power in the unforgettable chorus. Seriously, you’ll be annoying your co-workers for weeks with your inadequate falsetto (I don’t know if Boller’s going falsetto there or not… if not, that’s some range, folks) trying to come anywhere near Boller’s, singing, “It was never a miiiiiiistaaaaake! Every heartbreak.”

The songwriting never lets you down lyrically. It’s advice, it’s love, it’s storytelling, all rolled up in this instantly enjoyable album. If there’s any issue one might take, it’s that it goes too far (how can that be a bad thing?) reaching to so many styles from the last thirty or forty years of pop music. The stretch from “Capsize” to the Michael Jackson-esque “Take What You Need” is a long one, but swings back as he wraps up the album with the groovy, warbly organ-drenched “Let Myself Begin”. At times, it almost felt like a movie soundtrack. I’ve always loved buying movie soundtracks because you get the song from the band or two you might be in to, and you can get introduced to a dozen more bands you’d never have heard of. On “Let’s Begin,” you get a dozen bands you’ve never heard before but you’re going to love.


Have a look at the Stampede String Band website and Facebook page.

...And if you're excited about the album, go grab tickets to the album release show, June 30th at The Hi-Fi! VIP tickets are running out:

Patrick Roberts of Veseria Reviews "Let's Begin"

Patrick Roberts of Veseria Reviews "Let's Begin"

It's Reviewsday!

Several fixtures of the Indianapolis music scene were kind enough to listen to my debut album, "Let's Begin," and write a review. I'll post them out on Tuesdays, from here on out known as Reviewsday. Corny, huh?

Patrick Roberts is guitarist and co-band leader of Indianapolis rock Veseria. I have a lot of respect for him as a songwriter and musician, so his opinions meant a lot to me. Here's Pat's review:


Of all the albums that will be released in 2016, I feel no reservation about saying that Steve Boller’s “Let’s Begin” will stand out as one of the most eloquently written. Showing compositional prowess far beyond his years, Boller has channeled the writing styles of mythical icons such as Elton John, Phil Collins and Billy Joel. Flowing between moments of surprising instrumental complexity and precious rhythmic simplicity is a seamless tone and flow. One song leads into the next because it couldn’t possibly go any other way.

To be honest, I don’t know Steve all that well. I’ve always liked the guy and I’ve seen him from time to time around the city (an inevitable part of participating in the Indianapolis music community). I’ve seen him perform his solo sets multiple times and always had a great deal of respect for him as a songwriter so when I was offered a sneak peek at his new album, I had a general idea of what I’d be getting into. I’ve never been more wrong about anything in my life. Boller has composed and recorded a veritable orchestra of instruments to elevate his songs to an entirely new level. Never overshadowing his advanced lyricism, Boller has an expertly mixed and composed record.

From the opening track, “Capsize,” I was speechless. I looked like an idiot staring at my computer screen with my jaw wide open completely oblivious to the drool flooding my keyboard. This is a full length album of unforgettable moments. There’s not a single song or lyric or chord out of place. Perhaps the best example is the pop ballad, “Inukshuk”. Tasteful solos are given their time but upon a second listen, the composition is so much more multifaceted. It’s a simple but elegant pop song that you can’t help but repeat over and over and over...

…And then you realize how stupid you were for not letting the record move on to “Look Back On”. Summoning the percussive drive of Genesis in their prime, I was compelled to call the Disney Corporation and complain that they ever hired Phil Collins to write their soundtrack for the 1999 animated film, “Tarzan”. Linda at the call center was patient but I could tell my complaint fell on deaf ears. She would not give me her home address so I could send her a copy of “Let’s Begin” after its release. Oh well, her loss.

The record’s second act is every bit as impressive as the first with tracks like “Airplane Mode” and “Best I Can” standing out in a crowded field of ready-for- radio singles. But Boller saved the best moment for last with his song, “Let Myself Begin.” An appropriate end to this album because as I took out my head phones and wiped the saliva from my keyboard, I found myself saying to my wife, “Steve Boller has recorded a killer album… and he’s only just begun.”

Go buy this record.

And if you’re reading, Linda, I’m sorry for calling you a ”fascist” and sincerely hope you can give this album a spin.


Have a look at the Veseria website and Facebook page.

...And if you're excited about the album, go reserve your pre-sale bundle! The pre-sale ends June 30th.

"Let's Begin" Pre-sale, Release Show Announced

"Let's Begin" Pre-sale, Release Show Announced

I'm excited to share that my debut album, "Let's Begin," will be released on 7/30/16 at The Hi-Fi in Indianapolis.


I've just launched a pre-sale with bundles that include the physical album, t-shirts, posters and exclusive items like handwritten lyrics and custom videos. 

Let's DO this!


My debut single "Never a Mistake" is now available!

My debut single "Never a Mistake" is now available!

I released my first single today. It's called "Never a Mistake." 

This song means a lot to me. I wrote it almost 2 years ago right after my wife and I got married. It's about looking back and realizing everything that happened, good or bad, was necessary because it got you right where you need to be.

I'm totally blown away by the response it received when I shared it out today. Thank you to all that passed it on to their friends, played and downloaded it!

It's been a bit hard to process really. You see, the last few days have been a whirlwind. Kaitlyn and I moved into our first house this past weekend and that has consumed most of my time and focus. It's surreal to finally be sharing these songs with you all.

For a limited time, it's available as a free download on Noisetrade:

I'm Ready to Start

I'm Ready to Start

Five years ago today, I gave my senior recital at Xavier University.

For a college voice major, I was somewhat of an oddity. Rather than focus intensely in one area, I was enrolled in voice, piano, guitar and composition lessons (at the same time!) for the last two years of school. When it came time for my senior recital, I wanted to showcase all these areas of study.

So, I was the first voice major at Xavier to meet the classical singing requirement but also perform classical piano repertoire, perform classical guitar and have a choir come up and sing a composition I wrote for them. This recital is still a high point in my life. I spent long hours in the music building finishing my choral piece and learning songs on the piano I really had no business playing. My goals and interests as a musician were truly shaped during this time.

21 year-old Steve stands by a piano and tries not to cry.

21 year-old Steve stands by a piano and tries not to cry.

If you had asked my soon to be 22-year-old self what I wanted to do when I grew up, I could not have told you. All of that musical practice and effort was something I did for its own sake. The one thing I knew I wanted to do was channel all of those diverse musical interests into a full length album. I wanted to create art that I would forever be proud of and prove to myself what I was capable of doing if I worked as hard as I could.

Five years later, I am proud to say that my goal was achieved. In just a few short months, I will release my debut full length album into the world. 

"Why five years?" "Why did it take you so long?" I'm pretending that you are asking me these questions. Even if you aren't, I plan to answer them in due time.

The album is everything I hoped it would be. In the coming weeks, I will share more of my story and describe the strange journey that has led me, in a way, right back to where I was as a 21 year-old dreamer. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll receive updates on my progress and get to preview content first.

Update: My debut album will release on 7/30/16! Here is the first teaser.